Ultimate Baseball Lamp (All 32 teams available)

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Ultimate baseball lamp using authentic Louisville Slugger #125 solid ash mini bats. These bats are produced in Louisville, Kentucky. Baseball fans know that Louisville slugger is the preferred bat of most MLB players.

Bats are only available in the natural finish as shown, although all 32 teams can be used for the baseball.

Hand crafted Baseball Lamp

Each lamp is custom made and assembled at time of ordering.

Lamp Dimensions : 11" w x 11" d x 24" tall. to the top of the harp, approx. 16 inches tall without the harp.

Lamp includes 3 standard baseballs, and a team logo ball of your choice.

Bottom is felt lined to protect your furniture.

Lamp includes a 3 way bulb switch.

Lamp base can be either be painted white or stained. Please let me know your selection. We can stain each lamp base any of the current min wax stain colors. Pick up a stain chart at your local lowes or home depot store.

Please come by and see the lamps we have available, also we can custom make any size or color you would like:

These lamps are handmade, with a licensed baseball. We are not affiliated nor licensed by the NFL, MLB, NCAA, NBA or any other licensed company in any way. Nor do we endorse any of these licensed companies

Lamp shade is not included.

Everything on this lamp is custom made

Please be aware that the baseball glove used may not be the exact same as pictured.

Since these are custom if you would like to see something else such as a taller lamp, a smaller lamp, a pyramid of baseballs, etc. please do not hesitate to contact me for a quote.