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Thank you for visiting Midwest Classic Furniture and Crafts. We pride ourselves on handmade products that are built to be practical and a value. We build our products with the same pride that mid-westerners used to build their homes and barns. Some of these buildings have stood for over 100 years. They were built to last just like our products.


Extra Large lego table with 8 lego plates and tall 29 inch legs.

5 out of 5 stars

This desk is awesome! My seven year old hasn't stopped building on it since it arrived. Super easy assembly and excellent craftsmanship. Worth every penny!!!!

6 Plate lego table

Perfect size for my 2 and 5 yr. old grandsons. Nicely made, very sturdy! Exactly what we wanted to give them for Christmas, and they made sure it was shipped on time! THANKS!!

Door Mounted Spice Rack

The color is exactly what we wanted along with the placement of the dowels. We'll have no concerns that the spice jars will fall out when the pantry door is opened/closed.

Custom Products

Have you seen something on the internet and wished you could build it, or purchase it. If you have, send me a picture of it, or come into my shop and we can build most anything for you.