Full door spice rack

Full door spice rack

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Spices come in nice neat package but easy to oversee. Keep your spices organized and easy to get to with this door mounted spice rack. If you prefer you can mount this directly to a wall for easy access. 2 Large baskets that can be used for onions, and a large shelf that will hold tin foil and saran wrap.

This does ship in 2 pieces.

With 6 stationary shelves and dowels to hold them in, you will be able to store enough spices for all your meals.

This is designed to mount on either a hollow or solid door. You will have to furnish your own hollow wall anchors.

Made of clear pine, this can be painted or stained in any color you would like.

Made to fit on a 24" wide door, it can be adjusted and sized to fit any width or length of your door.
If you are concerned of what will fit, send me a picture and dimensions of where it is going.

Dimensions of the spice rack:
top rack 21" x 39" x 3 1/2"
Bottom rack 21 x 32 x 5 1/2" at the basket and 3 1/2".

21" wide door uses 18"
24" wide door uses 21"
27" wide door uses 24"
30" wide door use 27"