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I love my spice rack! It took me a while to get the spice bottles I wanted and to mount it. It looks great and is just what I needed. The rack came within the time limits stated, and when I had any questions, Kelly was quick to respond. Very happy!

I got my dad the folding table for his birthday. He loved it! It's perfect for a prep table when he barbeques. My sister was smitten with it. We just may have to get another one for tailgating at Arrowhead Stadium! Excellent!!!!

My grands LOVE this Lego table. I shopped everywhere for a Lego table that could "grow up" with my 2 grand children--ages 3 and 5. This crafter happily made a custom table for us and included taller legs that we can use when the children grow. We also bought 15 inch Lego Duplo base plates for the top AND 15 inch Classic Lego base plates. Our grand son goes between Duplo and Classic Lego and only has to change out the plates on his side of the table. The table took all of 5 minutes to attach the legs. It is well-made and very sturdy. I have no fear of the table crashing if the kids decide to climb on top. With the plates removed, the table can be used for may other purposes. The table has a nice lip edge which keeps anything from falling off. I couldn't be happier with this table. It is perfect in every way. THANK YOU!