Lego table (4 plate)

Lego table (4 plate)

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What little kid would not love this Lego compatible table, this quality built table is wonderful for kids of all ages.

We use genuine lego plates and not knock offs.

The lego table holds 4 lego plates, the one shown holds 6. You will receive a table that holds four only. I will update pictures in a couple of days.

The lego plates are removable so you can put them in pattern you would like, or if you would like all green plates or all blue plates just let me know. Standard includes 2 green and 2 Blue plates, if you do not specify that is what will be shipped.

If your kids or grand kids play with lego blocks, you have probably had the displeasure of stepping on one in your bare feet, and boy do those hurt..

This table is made for your kids to sit on chairs or stand perfect height for the older child.

This table is made to last for years on end, stronger then anything you would by in the store.
The two kids standing on the table weigh in at about 175 pounds, try doing that with any of the store bought tables.

This lego style table will help and give the kids a place to build, that is off the floor, and the raised edge helps keep them on the table and off the floor. All edges are rounded over and sanded.

Base plates are laid loose in the box so they can use the table for other games, toys, or for even eating lunch, and keep everything inside.

Table is finished with polyurethane.

Table is approximately 22 x 22 x 22

Table is solid wood, except the lego base.

Please allow 5-7 days for manufacturing.

All my merchandise is shipped out federal express or UPS.

Table is finished with a clear finish, or left unfinished for you to paint.

Table is shipped out with the legs detached, you will have to attach the legs with supplied wing nuts.

Lego is a registered trademark and does not produce nor manufacture this product.

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